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The Stars of the Constellation

Constellation of Help

We all are part of the spiral, and as thus, we can make this journey together.

The mighty stars of the sky who are ready to help you at a moments notice:


Please don't be afraid to contact us if you want to be added to this list!

information about the helper rank can be found here

As these stars flicker, we must be reminded that every second of our time should be readily spent on those who need it.

Motivation Message by DesteryZombieBunny
Its Ok To Be Sad Sometimes stamp by catstam

(NOTE; If you wish to be added to the flickering stars list, or removed from it, then please just ask. :heart: )

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Help for an amazing someone
Hey everybody ! 
So, one of my friends is really short on money and she absolutelyneeds some for rent and food
So here is a link to my commission Journal Commissions *still* Open (money and points)
And I'm setting a 'raffle' on Ebs slots. No negociations possible this time though. Equus Ballator Master list
here is her journal if you want to  spread the word and/or help right away 
:iconpklcha:pklcha 0 4
$1-$2 Traceable Sketches
Hello! I still really need to earn money. My caretaker has up and disappeared so I'm probably going to need to use the discount cab to get to my dialysis clinics from now on. I also need to make money for bills.
So these sketches are going to be ones you can trace for yourself for whatever you please. They can be of anything and any character and I will do my best to comply. All I need is for you to tag me in the description of the finished product and maybe feature this journal too!
Starborn Alignment members and Equus Ballator members get a BOGO 50% off deal! Buy one sketch and get the second 50% off. You can even request to hold it if you want to pay for it another time.
I can give you either .psd, .sai, or .png files.
There will be no limit on these, except for individual people. (Limit will be 3, and you can order more after I am finished with the first 3)
Link to my commissions if you like just the sketch-work, but are hoping for something more:
:iconschizobug:SchizoBug 6 18
Commissions, slot/horse sale || Sick Dog
Today, around 6 AM I woke up to my dog, Yeti, throwing up. He threw up water and white foam, didn't want to eat or drink, so I took him for a walk and the same (no eating/drinking) continued and he took a "pose" I am familiar with: pneumonia on irish wolfhound. He was having trouble breathing, he kept standing in the same position and refused even water. I woke up my sister, texted our vet (supposedly has 24/7 care) but he didn't reply so I called the only other clinic with 24/7 service in this town. I know the clinic is expensive and has a pretty bad rep, but I was honestly thinking that he might be dying so I rather take him a to a shitty vet than wait around until I heard from our usual one (who got back to me around 7.30AM, at which point we were already at the other clinic). 
They drew his blood, took his temperature (normal at home,
:iconkalmanen:kalmanen 2 90
Emergency Commissions (Open)
Hey guys, I fear that I've hit a hard patch. I am currently stuck in a job that pays minimum wage and I have a family member who is in the middle of a medical crisis. Every little bit helps so I'm opening up emergency commissions. That being said, I will not be accepting DA Points until further notice. Only USD via Paypal. I need cash to pay bills and points are currently a waste of my time and effort. Thank you in advance to everyone who requests a commission, you are grateful appreciated. 
:bulletpurple:Prices for Normal Fanfiction and Original Stories:

$5 USD for 1,000 words
$10 USD for 2,000 words

$15 USD for 3,000 words
**1 Original Character per fanfiction story is free, but after that I will charge $1 per OC introduced.

:bulletpurple: Prices Reader Insert stories:

$4 USD
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 1 8
Guys I NEVER open up commissions so when I do you know shits about to get real!
I had a tragedy last night and I'm in need of money v quickly. My dad's barn burnt down, and we lost almost everything inside. Now this may not seem like an urgent matter but my dad ran his business out of that barn, and without it we are now down about 60% of our income for a while, WHICH IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL! (If you don't believe me about the fire, search "Westford" on Twitter and scroll until you find "two alarm barn fire at 403 Groton rd with flames through the roof" or something like that. It was trending last night and i'm really fucking mad about that. You could probably also google the same thing and it'd come up). My dads closing down his business for a while so that means we're loosing about half of our income for a while.
Between medical bills, regular bills, insurance payouts, and replacing every machine we lost in the fire, my mom is stressing out and my dad's not doing so well either.
:icontriskata:Triskata 13 12
To Help.
My Amazing Girlfriend Fi-Senpai made this >Poll< and a bit after this >Status Update<
    She has been in a dire economical situation for a long time now, and I help how I can but since I haven't started working yet I can't help as much as I wish I could. So I would like for everyone to help us and share this journal by making your own or by linking it in a status update.
    Her art is amazing and she's willing work hard making great art for you all in return for the financial help. Now I know not everyone can pay for commissions/adopts/ych's/auctions with money but if you could just share the word around so it spreads and we can get the help of this amazing community to make Fi's hard life a little bit better it
:iconnecroknightkei:NecroknightKei 1 0
Commissions temporarily OPEN -help-
Add2: To justify the prices
I want to get this as fast as possible but still need enough time to learn and draw/paint for school AND  do my portfolio for the college.
So I can't just drop the prices, take hundreds of commissions which would take years to finish and just draw those 24/7.
Add: My parents refuse to pay or help at any of that. I understand it with the vet, my birds are my pets so I need to take care of them. But they also won't drive me to the vet.
I just don't understand why they do not help me financing my drivers license. They gave 800 € to my sister when she was doing hers, what is over the half(!!) of what it cost. And I get nothing.
I don't have that much time anymore
I really fucking need this money guys...
Sharing this would be nice too
Hey guys.
Once again I need to beg for money, lol.
I really need to save up for my drivers licence and probably upcoming vet bills.
My goal so far is 1500 €
:icondotachin-san:Dotachin-san 2 4
Bills to pay, Special busts 5$ commishes!
good day!
I have bills to pay, and my ~superb~ minimum wage job(™) is not really enough right now.
I am now openning a certain kind of commission only available at this moment, and they're only 5$! I want to train myself drawing hair and facial features~
You know, something like that :         
Ok the first and last one were drawn on Sai, and as much as I like this program, I also need to train more on Photoshop (because school) So the coloring style will differ a bit, I'm sorry to not have more examples.
PAYPAL ONLY, as much as I love ~points~ I have bills and I don't think they'd accept points as currency~
- Humans
- Animals
- Furries /anthro
- really pretty much anything
- extreme Gore
- extreme Sexual content/nudity
- racist formed art, characters that is not yours to use without permission, art that is meant to
:iconnamchu:Namchu 1 5
Please Read : EDIT

Alright so since this was posted on forums, I'd like to make this clear. DO NOT post this to forums, it doesn't belong there. Second.. Can you not make stuff up? PCOS literally will not kill me. There is no way that its going to kill me in like.. 2 weeks or every 20 years. The only time it may effect me is if I end up developing some sort of overgrowth in my uterus lining which can lead to cancer. And you wanna know what they do.. when that happens. They take out your uterus if its caught soon enough and you live to see some more days.
The financial help is to help me pay for things to detect and find out if my PCOS is getting better or worse. I've changed birth control about 3 times. I work out, I work a 40 hour a week FULL TIME JOB. I have been literally handling payments for stuff like this for a really long time, but I'm currently in need of some help to pay for things my insurance won't. I'm not begging. I'm just asking t
:iconaisoi:AiSoi 4 61
Devious Journal Entry
:iconjokinglyserious:jokinglyserious 8 38
Life Update - 1/27/2017
Hey guys. I figured I might as well update you on whats been going on in my life right now. I really need to crack my head and get my shit together.
As some of you may know, at the beginning of the year I was hospitalized. I had an infected kidney and a stone in each one of my kidneys. Needless to say I was in probably the most pain I've ever been in.. probably in my entire life. I got back home but I still showed signs of pain and such.
I did get a part time job and it was really awesome. The only thing is, I had to call in sick so many times because of my kidney stones causing me a lot of pain. They wound up letting me go. So now I have no job.
I take a shuttle to school every day (private bus) but it costs $240 every month for me to do that. My girlfriend was thinking of going to school next year so she was thinking of driving me every day but until then, I have to take the bus. Only problem is.. I have absolutely no money left. All of my money went towards school funds and helping
:icontoasttheoverlord:ToastTheOverlord 5 18
Please help. Please share this. (UPDATE)
My dear friends and beloved watchers!
Some of you probably remember the painting I've submitted not so long time ago, on 26/12/2016.

Some of you maybe even saw the speedpaint on youtube.

Happy music, lovely scene, bright shine on the background, the cute face of a beautiful, fluffy dog.
But what most of you don't know, is the sad story of Lancelot...
On 13/01/2017
My little world collapsed. Lancelot, then only aged 1 year and 2 months, was diagnosed with acute stage V leukemia... No hope of viable treatment... And my dog ​​tumbled down the slope at a dizzy speed without anyone there The little being whom I had cherished for a whole year was dying in front of my eyes, gnawed from the inside by a horrible disease against which the veterina
:iconmartith:Martith 21 69
3 Things
I really need 3 things right now.
1.  A charger for my computer.
   (A neighbor was able to cobble together a computer that has working motherboard and fits my harddrive but it still needs       charger)
2. A part for the washing machine.
3. A toddler seat that fits on toilet so they dont fall in.
& food.
I am in desperate need of funds to go
towards food. We are very low and don't
have enough through tomorrow.
I don't get paid again until Jan 10th.
I am the only one able to work in my family.
My husband has ongoing medical problems that
we are trying to get diagnosed.
I have a 3 year old child and our uncle who was
central to our small family recently passed.
If you make a donation of any amount, no
matter how small, you will receive a life
time subscription to all my coloring pages.
You will receive every past coloring page
designs I have made plus all future designs!
I am continuously making new pages fo
:iconalyshells:Alyshells 1 2
Commissions - Open
Commissions can now be found on the donation widget on the left hand side with all the explanation and costs there.
I currently have added six commission options to my page in hopes of getting a few and to expand my reach. Unfortunately, DeviantART has made it quite difficult for me to add images to the commission info widget, but I can manage from here.
I would be very appreciative if word was spread and if I could get some reach with my commissions to earn some extra money since my job is not doing so well and my fathers health is declining. Things at home and in my life are getting extremely difficult and could really use anything at all. If you can't commission at all, please share :).  It would mean more to me than you could imagine.
I take both point and paypal purchases. Paypal is preferred but points will do just as fine as well.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration!!
:iconkrasavitsah:krasavitsah 0 5
This is where we feature the people who need donations and such. If you can help, please be sure to take a look in here so the wonderful people featured here could receive the help they need.

Thanks for your time. <3

Oh goodness so sorry for forgetting to post this weeks journal, motivation has been hard to come by
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day <3 be sure to treat yourself this week!
As always, tell us about what you got up to last week in the comments, be as vague or detailed as you wish!
And if anything is troubling you, please don't hesitate to message us. We're here to listen <3

We have a monthly kindness challenge happening right now! constellationofhelp.deviantart…

A points account if you're feeling kind <3 Charity-Points

And a chatroom to talk about issues in a non-judgmental enviroment:…

Thank you for being a part of this group, we really appreciate you <333
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We are all stars and we all deserve to shine, and we will help you do so, when you flicker. Remember how amazing you are. We are here for you. :heart:

Hello there and welcome to ConstellationofHelp !

We are a dedicated group of individuals who love to help, and want to give to this community. We want to help all who feel down. We are here to cheer you up and make you feel better, whatever you may feel bad about, whether you are suicidal, depressive, or simply stressed or sad or even angry or afraid, we will be there to turn your frown upside down. We will also read your rants or vents if you wish to note us about it. And whenever we are able, we will offer a helping hand and spread the positive vibes all around.

Don't be afraid to ask us for help, that's what we're here for. <3

We wish you a wonderful day, full of possibilities, positivity and love, beautiful soul. :love:

(We also have a chatroom now!
Need someone to chat with to take your mind off your problems? Or want to tell someone about your problems? Maybe even scream into the void? This chatroom is for you, darling. We're here for you. You're not alone.… )







Other groups that are here for you. <3


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